Hooper Alexander Update

August 15, 2014


Dr. Michael Erwin, our Member on the Board of Education, provided the following information on the Hooper Alexander site.

  • Demolition Permit has been obtained
  • All hazardous materials removed and abatement of existing facility has been completed
  • Security fencing has been installed. Our demolition contractor has been informed (of fence-related issues) and all repairs will be made immediately to ensure the site is properly secure.
  • Erosion control measures are installed
  • All pest mitigation efforts are ongoing and will be completed the week of 8-18-14
  • Existing structure is scheduled to be removed between 8-25-14 through 9-15-14
  • The underground utilities are scheduled to be removed and properly capped between 9-15-14 through 9-30-14
  • Final site restoration is scheduled between 9-30-14 through 10-10-14
  • Once the building has been completely demolished our demolition contractor will properly grade and reseed the site to allow for green space.
  • At this time, no formal decision has been made regarding the future use of this property. Our Operations Division is in the process of securing a professional service firm to assist with developing a comprehensive plan for all surplus properties within the District. This plan will include a formal community engagement process which will be developed over the next several months. Staff will provide an overview of such plan in the months ahead. In the meantime, our Operations staff will work with our Regional Superintendent to schedule a community meeting to provide updates regarding the status of this demolition project.

Michael Hughes                                                                                                                   President, Midway Woods Neighborhood Association  president@midwaywoodsneighborhood.com

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August 15, 2014


With respect to the Hooper Alexander ES site, I have established a line of communication to the DeKalb County School District Superintendent through our BOE Member, Dr. Michael Erwin.  Dr. Erwin told me discussion of the development of the site is in the very early stages, and the Board and Administration will be responsive to neighborhood needs.

Dr. Erwin requested that questions, concerns, & suggestions related to the Hooper Alexander site be directed to the Superintendent through him.  Dr. Erwin welcomed, endorsed, and thanked me for my offer to serve as the liaison for communication between the School District and our neighborhood.

I will be proposing to the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association that we establish a Hooper Alexander working group to gather information, identify our concerns, and develop our recommendations.  I will propose that I chair the working group & that it include the Safety and Environmental officers of the MWNA, Dorothy Rd home owners, and Memorial Dr business owners.  I invite Dorothy Rd homeowners who want to participate in this work group, if the proposal is ratified, to contact me at president&midwaywoodsneighborhood.com.

In the meantime, to maximize our credibility and our voice re the Hooper Alexander site, I ask you to funnel your questions, concerns, and suggestions to the School District through me to Dr. Erwin and the Superintendent.

I am optimistic and excited the site will be transformed into a neighborhood asset, and I look forward to our community working together to help make that improvement happen.

Thank you


Michael Hughes                                                                                                                   President, Midway Woods Neighborhood Association     president@midwaywoodsneighborhood.com

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Events & Activities, suggestions

August 11, 2014

A neighbor submitted the following suggestions via private message on Nextdoor:

Families; Movies in the park
Kids; Scavenger hunt in the park
Adults: Wine event

Your thoughts on these?                                                                                                             Your ideas?

Michael Hughes
President, Midway Woods Neighborhood Association

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