Incorporation as the Midway Woods Association

The 2014-15 and 2015-16 leadership teams of the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association voted to pursue incorporation of the association as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and the decision was ratified at the June 10 2015 general meeting of the association. Since that meeting, members of the bylaws committee and the leadership team have worked to set the stage for that incorporation.

The MWNA will host a meeting on Wed 17 Feb at 7:30 PM at the Blue Tarp Brewery to discuss incorporation and VOTE WHETHER TO INCORPORATE OR TO NOT INCORPORATE.

Research showed that the proposed corporation would NOT meet the criteria for a 501(c)(3), a status that applies to charities.  The proposed association will meet the criteria for a 501(c)(4) non-profit.

The reasons for incorporation as a 501(c)(4) non profit include:

  1. Re-invigoration of the Association: The Midway Woods Association, Inc (MWA Inc) presents the opportunity to increase community engagement compared to the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association (MWNA, which has depended heavily on one or two key leaders during periods of activity interspersed with periods of dormancy when leadership was minimal or absent.
  2. Membership: MWA Inc will have criteria for membership, a process to enroll members, and a requirement to maintain a record of those members. In contrast, the MWNA has no process to enroll and maintain a record of members.
  3. MWA Inc will have the legal status and identity of a corporation whereas the MWNA has no legal status or identity. That legal status has several positive implications, including:
  4. Ownership of assets: MWA Inc will legally own assets such as bank accounts, petty cash, web domains, etc.  In contrast, the MWNA, while holding moral/ethical ownership, has no legal ownership of assets.
  5. Protection of members and leaders: MWA Inc will shelter members and leaders from suits that may be brought by, for example, a developer whose proposal was opposed by the neighborhood.  Actions taken by MWA Inc would expose only corporate asset, whereas action by MWNA could expose personal assets of members and leaders.
  6. Tax liabilities: Any tax liabilities on MWNA income fall to the treasurer and president.  As a 501c4 non-profit, there will be no tax liabilities on MWA Inc income.
  7. Grants: While the opportunities are less for 501c4 non-profits, such as MWA Inc, than for 501c3 non-profits, MWA Inc will be eligible for appropriate grants.  The informal MWNA has little, if any, eligibility for grant funding.
  8. Corporate donations: Donations to a 501c4 are NOT tax deductible. However, corporations can often legitimately claim donations to a 501c4 as a business costs.  Such donations to the informal MWNA are much less likely to be legitimate tax deductions.
  9. Influence: As a legal entity, the MWA Inc will have greater influence than the informal MWNA with County departments, developers, and others.

Michael Hughes
President, Midway Woods Neighborhood Association
Block Captain, Midway Woods Neighborhood Watch

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Blue Sky Condominium petition

___You are invited and encouraged to petition the DeKalb County Commission to demolish and remove all units of the blighted and abandoned Blue Sky Condominium complex (3106 memorial Dr) and to seek public input into the future use of the site.
___Please access the petition at any one of the following links. (Multiple links are needed due to the limited capacity available through free SurveyMonkey account)

___ Please forward the link to the petition to neighbors who may not respond via Nextdoor.
___The wording of the petition follows below my signature.
___To join the petition, you will be required to insert your full name and street address only. You will NOT be asked to provide other contact information.

Michael Hughes
President, Midway Woods Neighborhood Association
Block Captain, Midway Woods Neighborhood Watch

Dear District 3 Commissioner Larry Johnson and Super District 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon:
We, DeKalb County residents and tax payers, complain to the DeKalb County Commission that the abandoned and blighted Blue Sky Condominium complex, located at 3106 Memorial Drive Decatur GA 30030, reduces our property values and our quality of life.
We, DeKalb County residents and tax payers, petition the DeKalb County Commission to quickly:
1. Condemn or purchase all units that comprise the Blue Sky Condominium complex.
2. Demolish and remove all units that comprise the complex.
3. Hold public hearing to gather community input for the future use of the site.
4. Keep us well informed of the status of our petition, via email to

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Neighborhood Watch

According to Al Fowler, our Public Education Specialist with the DeKalb County Police Department and the leaders of our police precinct, an active neighborhood watch is an effective COMPONENT of the tool kit to reduce crime.  Midway Woods is fortunate to have an active watch, and I encourage all neighbors who are not signed up as participants to contact the watch coordinator at

Michael Hughes,

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Holiday party!

What: Midway Woods Holiday Party
Where: Blue Tarp Brewing Company (731 E. College Ave.)
When: Thursday December 10, 2015, from 6:30-9:00 p.m. (drop in when you can, or stay the whole time)

Blue Tarp has graciously agreed to provide beer tastings for 50% off ($6) for folks who’d like to partake.

In the spirit of holiday giving, we are taking donations in conjunction with our party to support the Global Village Project. GVP is a middle school in Decatur that provides free, high-quality education to refugee girls. The school is run entirely on donations, so anything you can give will be appreciated. If you’d like to give online, you can visit . We will also be accepting checks and cash at the party. The online giving will remain open until the end of the month.


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Minutes of the September 2, 2015 MWNA Leadership Team Meeting

Minutes of the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association Leadership Team Meeting

Date: September 2, 2015

Attendees: President Michael Hughes; VP Sydney Lilly; Treas. Steve Saggus; Secy. Martha Miller; Web Administrator Derrick Peavy; Not attending: Environment Chair Alex Kambar, Community Chair Susan Burns.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 7 pm.

The first item on the agenda was the motion to pursue incorporation of the MWNA as a 501c4. After discussion, the leadership team voted unanimously in favor of pursuing 501c4.

Next, the team discussed and approved the following as the purpose of the proposed 501c4:

1. To strengthen the community as one that a) welcomes, respects, and supports people in all their diversity of age, race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, and economic level b) works together to enhance the quality of life of all members
2. To work collaboratively with our police and fire departments to ensure personal safety and protection of homes and property
3. To work collaboratively with our school district, schools, parent-teacher associations, and families to support students
4. To work collaboratively with County and City parks departments to support sound environmental stewardship of Dearborn Park and enhance the park’s contribution to the quality of life for area residents
5. To work collaboratively with appropriate units of local government to ensure a) property assessments are fair b) roads, streets, and right-of-ways are safe and well maintained c) homes receive appropriate water, sewage, and sanitation services d) abandoned properties are included in the DeKalb County Registry of Vacant Properties

The committee then discussed and voted affirmatively on the motion to task the Bylaws Committee with drafting appropriate bylaws for the 501c4.

Next, the committee discussed and voted to approve the next leadership team meetings for 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Wednesday, November 4, Wednesday, January 6, and Wednesday, March 2.

After updates on several issues (Neighborhood Watch, Friends of Dearborn Park, and Friends of Lower Oldfield) the meeting was adjourned.

The next leadership committee meeeting will be on Wednesday, November 4.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Miller

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Midway Woods Neighborhood Watch

The public safety chair of the Midway Woods Neighbor Association, who serves as the watch coordinator, has resigned. The watch is now without a coordinator.
The Watch is a crucial asset to our neighborhood. If we want to keep that asset, someone must step up and assume leadership until the next round of elections in May 2016.
The leadership team set the goal of increasing the number of watch captains and participants by 20% between June ’15 and May ’16. Also, the DeKalb County Police Department strongly encourages that participant sign-up be repeated every two years. We are fast approaching that two-year point, and we need to begin prepping to re-sign participants.
Given the 20%-increase goal and the need to re-sign participants, we must, as soon as possible, begin verifying the continued service of current captains and the recruiting of additional captains.
Bottom line: There is a significant amount of important work to be done if we are to maximize the positive impact of the Watch on our community.  Please consider taking on the leadership of coordinating that work.
Please contact me with any questions/suggestions/concerns and to volunteer  to take on leadership.
Michael Hughes, President
Midway Woods Neighborhood Association
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Support Avondale Elementary School

The Midway Woods Neighborhood Association has adopted support for our public schools as a priority for 2015-16.   Our goal is 100 hours of volunteer service and $1,000 in donations.  You are invited and encouraged to help our neighborhood meet and exceed that goal.

The attached flyer identifies a variety of ways to support Avondale ES.

AES Support Flyer

Michael Hughes, President
Midway Woods Neighborhood Association

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Out of stock on Midway Woods banners

We are sold out on Midway Woods banners.  We are ordering more, but until we post that they are available, please do not submit payment for banners.  Rather, email <>, and he will notify you when banners are back in stock.

Michael Hughes, President
Midway Woods Neighborhood Association


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Friends of Dearborn Park

Revitalizing the Friends of Dearborn Park (FODP) is a priority of the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association. Our goal is, by May 2016, to develop and adopt a mission statement for the group and enroll 25 members. In addition, we want to update the FODP priorities.

Membership is now open to all willing to participate, at least on-line, in defining the mission and identifying the priorities of FODP and then contributing to the work to fulfill that mission.

Please sign up to revitalize the Friends of Dearborn Park at: .

Michael Hughes, President
Midway Woods Neighborhood Association

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Hooper Alexander DRAFT Proposal

One MWNA Leadership Team Priority is to develop a community-endorsed plan for the Hooper-Alexander site, with the goal of receiving feedback on the plan from 50 residents and/or homeowners, with 67% support.

The attached documents provide a description and drawing of a DRAFT proposal for the development of the Hooper Alexander site.  This is a STARTING point, and many questions are unanswered.  Indeed, many questions have not even been asked!

We invite you to submit comments/suggestions/questions via email to with cc to and

We will follow up with more structured opportunities for the community to provide comments and suggestions.


Hooper Alexander Description     Hooper Alexander Drawing

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