Dearborn Park Play/Work Day April 19th 9AM til Noon

There are two large piles of mulch, Revolution Doughnuts, and Nectar’s nectar begging for you to come to Dearborn Park. I’m begging too.

We have some fun work for folks who would like to beautify the Park for a bit.

- Mulch piles on the Midway and Deerwood sides have been dumped for us to move around. Imagine how great that tree would look with a mulch ring. Also, the delicate trees planted not too long ago could use a mulch ring to discourage the mowers from getting too close. Save a tree!

- Trees Atlanta has agreed to donate about 10 trees to the Park! We need to figure out where they should go. Then, we need to dig the holes while the ground is soft from the gentle rain. The trees will get planted ASAP (get it?). Why not put a couple of wheelbarrows of mulch there while we’re at it?!

- If you’re like me, you like to clip. Likeminded folks with clippers, please come to the park to walk the banks of Shoal Creek. We need to clip the privet in the ‘main’ section of the Park.

- Photographer? Immune to digging, clipping, moving mulch, etc., then come with your cameras. We need someone to capture the hard working volunteers, sponsors’ wares, and the good deeds. Our efforts in the Park will drive our ability to access funds to further beautify the Park.

- Can’t make it? Even if none of the above sound fun or you just can’t make it, please patronize Revolution Doughnuts and Nectar. Be sure to thank them for providing their products as rewards and incentives for our volunteers.

We will be working from 9am until Noon. Come to Dearborn Park with your gloves, tool of choice, when you can. See you there!


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Hello Everyone!

The monthly neighborhood association meeting will be taking place NEXT Wednesday, April 16th 7:30 PM at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Hazelwood Hall.

Also, Park Clean-up day has been rescheduled for Saturday April 18th from 9am-12pm.


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Dearborn Park Clean-up Day Rescheduled

We will be rescheduling the March 29th Dearborn Park clean-up day due to inclement weather. Details to come!

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